This international project is the result of several previous ones: 3 Comenius Regio between Italy and Belgium, 2 Grundtvig (adult education) partnerships adding the Netherlands to the network and finally, the inclusion of a Cretan partner thanks to the migration of one Italian participant to this other country! Each time, we integrated new people, other groups/associations, unexperienced partners, natives or migrants, kids or grand-parents etc to make this kind of project more popular and improve the self-esteem and self-confidence of everyone.

Every EHP partner needs to enlarge its activity scope to reach more and more people, among which disadvantaged ones are a specific target. We want to facilitate the integration of new inhabitants in their new location, which means that we also want to help our local community to welcome them with their diversity and own richness.
By sensitising them to our local heritage (sites, landscapes, material or immaterial) we can help each other to develop citizenship and sense of humanity.
Cultural heritage will be the centre of our project. Our partnership is made of three museums (in Greece, Italy and Belgium) and two professional artistic organisations (the Netherlands and Belgium). Four countries, four languages for a common objective: to gather people of different generations, of different origins, with diverse habits, to share their history, when they accept it. Using theatre techniques, training adults to ICT and mixing both in an innovative game that gives more value to our heritage is the attractive way we chose to motivate all social classes to build together a better atmosphere.

Every partner has a large target audience. They will determine who will be trained to serve the project knowing that the final event will be the most important shared moment of the project.
Representatives of the organisations and from the local community, including less advantaged adults who will have a predominant mission at the final event. Members of the associations with a useful experience and a knowledge of techniques and project management.

1 Theatre training
Theatre training by Dutch partner. Bryan Reynolds is the director of the workshop. All the partners should be represented in the theatre performance mixing acting and video projection. Four days to work on theatre techniques and stage directing + costumes and technical aspects.
2 Storytelling and comics workshop lead by Italian partners.
The final event is a puzzle (enigma) that should bring the audience/public from one place to another in each country, at the same moment, with interactions between the partners. The workshop will help us to create the storyboard, taking all the local contexts into consideration.
3 ICT to valorise and disseminate cultural and historical Heritage lead by the Greek partner. Follow-up of the creation of the scenario for the final event. Need to develop ICT skills and competences among the participants to enrich the local stories with virtual concepts and techniques.
4 Common workshop with simulation of final event performance lead by Belgian partners supported by the Dutch one.
Every local and partner’s scenario is written. We present it to each other and create interactivities between all of them, mixing the ICT tools.

The project plans will apply the following approach:
Agenda of partnership steering committee meetings
Agreements between partners during TPM1 in order to have common objectives, enriched by contributions from each.
State of play of activities for social inclusion, needs, benefits to be garnered through the project, both in our training institutions and in partnerships.
Observation of the good practices for adult education activities
Action plan with associated partners to increase skills and broaden scope.
Training in IT tools to optimize communication and product realization.
Workshops with associated partners, at home or in the field.