Il Corniolo scomparso

In December 2019, the Municipality of Castiglione del Lago in collaboration with the Museum of Palazzo della Corgna and the Medieval Fortress, Laboratorio del cittadino, Lagodarte Eventi Castiglione del Lago, Historical group of San Domenico and the group of “Storie da …” gave life to a game to discover the historical and cultural heritage of our town. For us it was a sort of spin-off of what will be the final event of the EU Heritage Puzzle project. Below is the book distributed to the participants and the material created for the game.

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In November 2019 professionals and amatuer actors from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Greece attended a 5 days training in theatre technics and played the piece Railraod, written and directed by Bryan Reynolds. The event was held during the 2 LTA of the EHP project in Dinant – Belgium.

The title of the theatre piece is Railroad, it is a play of intense yet highly confined action (four murders in a narrow boxcar: imagine whirling atomic particles spiralling inward into a black hole) that explodes outward in the human dimensions of three living families from three cultures (Jewish, World War II German, and 21st-century American), four generations, and two eras. A piece that touches deep social issues and European historical phenomena.

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