In November 2019 professionals and amatuer actors from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Greece attended a 5 days training in theatre technics and played the piece Railraod, written and directed by Bryan Reynolds. The event was held during the 2 LTA of the EHP project in Dinant – Belgium.

The title of the theatre piece is Railroad, it is a play of intense yet highly confined action (four murders in a narrow boxcar: imagine whirling atomic particles spiralling inward into a black hole) that explodes outward in the human dimensions of three living families from three cultures (Jewish, World War II German, and 21st-century American), four generations, and two eras. A piece that touches deep social issues and European historical phenomena.

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Virtual Meeting

banner loghiThe 14th January 2019 the partners met each other via Skype to discuss the agenda of the next meeting in Italy. Continua a leggere “Virtual Meeting”