In November 2019 professionale and not professional actors from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Germany attended a 5 days training in theatre technics and played the piece Railraod, writte and directed by Bryan Reynolds.

Here a video recording of the show Railroad directed by Bryan Reynolds.

Cast and Crew : Jewish-German Family: Giovanni Morassutti — JOEL MAYER (30) Francesca Tasini — His wife HANNAH MAYER (26) Romain Mathelart — Their son DANIEL MAYER (7) Shira Wolfe — His sister LIBI MAYER (3) German-Nazis Family: Chronis Sapountzakis — KLAUS REINHARD (30) Sophia Dermitzaki — His wife MARIE REINHARD (26) Antonio Russo — Their son JANNI REINARD (7) Camilla Vincenzoni — His sister SARAH REINARD (3) American Family: HENRY (30) played by actor playing KLAUS His wife LAUREN (26) played by actor playing HANNAH Their son STEPHEN (7) played by actor playing DANIEL His sister LISA (3) played by actor playing SARAH Other: Bruno Mathelart — GERMAN SOLDIER WOMAN SELLING CHOCOLATE played by actor playing MARIE WOMAN ON BOAT played by actor playing HANNAH
PRODUCTION TEAM : Bryan Reynolds – Director, Playwright Oscar Seip – Stage Manager, Lighting Designer Anouk Briefjes – Musical Director Stefania Toscano – Choreographer David Backovsky – Sound Designer, Video Designer Laila Burane – Costume Designer, Make Up Artist

The team of European Heritage Puzzle Project


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